Meet Duncan Gardiner, Thrivent 

Real Talk with a Financial Planner, Duncan Gardiner.

Every Question You’ve Ever Wondered About if a Planner is Right For You

What do they provide, do you have to already be wealthy to maximize, all the of FAQs you may have wondered too.

Meet Duncan Gardiner with Thrivent — “I have lived many places, around the world even, and I can tell you that I’d never want to live anywhere else. Woodford County is home,” said Duncan Gardiner with Thrivent.

Meet Duncan.

Duncan has dedicated his life and career to helping people have financial freedom. With over 30 years experience in banking as a bank market president for 24 years before taking a more wholistic approach to helping families with their entire financial portfolio.


Duncan has lived and worked around the world in Ohio, California and Japan before returning home to Kentucky where he now resides with his wife and where they raised their two children. As of earlier this year, Duncan welcomed his newest role as Grandfather.

What Can Duncan Help You With?

Duncan Gardiner with Thrivent helps individuals with:

  • Retirement (whether you’re near, in it already or planning for it)

  • Investing and how to invest no matter the amount

  • Protection of life’s unexpected: death/estate, disability

  • Comprehensive financial plan for you or your family

  • Financial clarity: Where you are and help to where you want to be.

  • Financial goal setting


When we asked Duncan about what is the best thing about helping others he said, “Bring financial clarity to their situation. Finances are a difficult thing. Helping them with a financial plan to achieve their goals and giving them confidence they are on the right path to achieving their goals gives me incredible satisfaction. I love what I do and my goal is to work in this career for the next 20 years.


You can find Thrivent at

112 N. Main St. Suite A,
Versailles, KY 40383

Call: 1-859-576-5000